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Welcome to my site. Here you will find a directory of 3geez links organized in different categories if you know a site that I don't have here then submit it by clicking here! Thanks to everyone who assembled these pages your contribution helps fuel the 3geez community.





OldSchoolSwaps Page - Great site for help with a b16a swap in 3geez.

Paul Aerodeck86 - I didnt know where to put this one. This guy is really dedicated he helped the community by making some printable white face guages.


Nopi - Has a ton of 3geez parts(Body Kits, intake, exhaust, etc.)

Overboost - has suspension and intake parts for 3geez.

JDM - Has alot of JDM parts and engines to make you car fly.



3geez - This is the place to go for any 3rd generation question, comments, etc. There are alot of people that will help you at this site and a good place to find out how to do anything to your accord.

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